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“As a private sector clinician, Trxade provides me marketplace solutions for my retail stores’ supply chain that we just were not finding anywhere else in the industry. From comprehensive product offerings, and modern web-based shopping efficiencies and credit applications, we were able to greatly increase the number of convenient prescription offerings delivered to our patients at Miramont Wellness Centers, while simultaneously lowering our prices and increasing our margins. Thank you Trxade!”

John B.CEO, Miramont Wellness Centers

Trxade makes the ordering process very easy.  It’s the only site we use for pharmacy supplies.

Randall M.Practice Manager, Oklahoma City, OK

“We knew with the price of drugs rising, there must be another source for purchasing. Having access to multiple wholesalers via one website is a tremendous time saver. I am confident we are getting the best prices. Trxade has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve.”

WilliamOwner, Kenmore, NY

“I find Trxade very easy to use.  The multi-vendor cart comparison allows me compare costs and save time by looking at one page. I don’t have to tab back and forth between multiple vendors sites to see the cost comparison of drugs.  The minimum drug order requirement for overnight shipping is always listed so I know how soon the drugs will be coming in.  I save time and money when I shop on Trxade.”

Nicole R.Buyer, Mille Lacs Health System

“Thank you for helping us get started with Trxade. Since we opened our account we have been able to source several hard to get Generics. The service and the prices are great. We have decided to open another account at our second location.”

Mike L.Operations Manager, Terrytown, LA

“The best thing about Trxade is the ability to comb multiple suppliers for a product in a single search, in a single window. The simplicity of Trxade really serves to whittle down the time needed to find a medication at the cheapest cost. Huge benefit!”

Josh H.Operator, Columbia, MO

“The team at TRxADE goes above and beyond for their customers!  They guided me through their application and implementation process which was quick and easy.  They also came through for my practice by providing an item that was in the FDA drug shortage list.  I can’t say enough about their customer support!  Give TRxADE a try today!!”

Henry S.DPM, Lake Park, FL

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