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The nation’s leading innovative pharmaceutical procurement marketplace

TRxADE is a simple & intuitive procurement site that provides our members with freedom to shop multiple vendors and to focus on items that which your facility may receive low or negative margins on. TRxADE empowers members to manage costs, maximize savings and complete purchases across suppliers, all while staying on top of industry pricing trends at no cost to members.

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The Trusted Marketplace for Pharmaceuticals

Complete solution to manage costs, maximize savings, and complete purchase orders across suppliers.

Our purpose

TRxADE Medical’s purpose is to reduce the time spent by our members while shopping for pharmaceuticals and lower the cost of procuring pharmaceuticals. We are the nation’s leading marketplace for pharmaceuticals with over 50+ licensed and accredited wholesalers on our innovative pharmaceutical procurement platform.

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Industry leading tools

Our advanced search filters/sorts combined with the ability to track order history from multiple vendors under one “roof” is part of what makes our platform superior. User can even search by date ranges.

TRxADE’s multi-level order history search allows you to search by:

  • By supplier with which the order was placed
  • By the NDC ordered
  • By the product name that was ordered
  • Order status and ID
  •  Transaction ID

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Who we serve

Whether you are an independent practitioner with one location or IDN with dozens of locations, our platform has the pharmaceutical products used across medical facilities of all sizes and specialties.

Trxade Medical’s competitive marketplace is proud to serve clients across many specialties and COTs including, but not limited to:

  • Dermatology
  • Orthopedics
  • Podiatry
  • PCPs
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Pain management
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery centers
  • Gastroenterology
  • Rural hospitals
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Major IDNs
  • And more!

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Thoughts from our Members

As a private sector clinician, Trxade provides me marketplace solutions for my retail stores’ supply chain that we just were not finding anywhere else in the industry. From comprehensive product offerings, and modern web-based shopping efficiencies and credit applications, we were able to greatly increase the number of convenient prescription offerings delivered to our patients at Miramont Wellness Centers, while simultaneously lowering our prices and increasing our margins. Thank you Trxade!

I find Trxade very easy to use.  The multi-vendor cart comparison allows me compare costs and save time by looking at one page. I don’t have to tab back and forth between multiple vendors sites to see the cost comparison of drugs.  The minimum drug order requirement for overnight shipping is always listed so I know how soon the drugs will be coming in.  I save time and money when I shop on Trxade.

We knew with the price of drugs rising, there must be another source for purchasing. Having access to multiple wholesalers via one website is a tremendous time saver. I am confident we are getting the best prices. Trxade has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve.

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